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You can view our current stocks and price-lists on-line. Click the texts below:

Russian Software and CD-ROM's

Computer Hardware, Cables, Adapters, etc

You can download our Price List in format of Windows text to your hard drive for viewing it off-line. Best viewed with a fixed font. You can import downloaded file into MS Excel if you prefer. Click the button below:

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  • Prices in our Price List are given in GBP (Great Britain Pounds) inc.VAT (@17.5%) and not inc.Packing & Postage (from GBP2.50 for UK for one item order, P&P depends on the weight of the parcel and the way it is sent and it is approx. at the cost of Recorded/Registered Mail).
  • Prices in EUR and USD are given inc.VAT but excluding Packing & Postage.
  • Information about payment you can find in the part How to Order. Order Form can be found there too. Purchase of some goods can be made immediately in our eSHOPs, which you can find in the part Virtual Shop.
  • Prices, stock and specification are correct at a time of the update of this price list but subject to change without notice. Call to define the total cost more precisely (including P&P) or ask to send a Pro-Forma Invoice when ordering.
  • Text after symbols R: is Russian and for proper viewing requires Cyrillic support installed onto your computer.

        Our Price List represents the current state of our stock on the indicated date. Although we try to update our price list regularly (approx.once a week), it can happen that the title, you find in our price list, is out-of-stock already or, the title you can not  find in the price list, is in our stock. The best way to find it out is to use a telephone or e-mail to contact us. 

Being out-of-stock is usually a temporary condition. However we cannot accurately predict when a given out-of-stock title will be restocked. We can accept pre-order for many goods you wish to buy.

Many titles in our catalogue are "imports". These are the titles that are not normally distributed in the United Kingdom by their manufacturers. We import such titles from abroad ourselves or buy them from some suppliers who perceiving an unfulfilled market demand for them have imported them from abroad.

The supply lines for these software titles is far more volatile than the supply lines for domestic software. Import software and CDs also tend to be slightly more expensive than domestic ones. We are proud to inform that probably we have in a retail the most comprehensive range of Russian software titles despite the difficulty of acquiring them.

It is quite common for CDs and retail boxes abroad and even domestic ones to be sold new without shrink-wrap. They are delivered from the manufacturer or supplier with no shrink-wrap. These CDs and boxed software carry the same guarantee as any other titles we sell.

Our computer system tracks the pertaining of software to specific supplier. Since we have multiple import and domestic suppliers, from whom we can buy the same titles, and since our system is unable to reliably recognise the presence of the specific title in our stock (it is not a simple task) and give them the same retail price, we have as a result a number of items listed multiple times and may be with different prices. We advise you to select the cheaper one ;-) (perhaps).

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