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Software From Russia,
And Other Countries Around The World

Budget Software (CD-ROMs in Jewel Cases, Mixed Categories)

Brief Descriptions of the Programs by Categories

0  Operating Systems, System Software, Programming Languages, Multilingual Support Systems, Fonts, Antivirus Toolkits, System Utilities

1  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Systems and Their Applications, Internet Applications

2  Graphics and ClipArt, Photo's, DTP, Media Tools, CAD and Design Software

3  Software for Linguistics, Translation Systems, Dictionaries, Integrated Applications, Word Processors

4  Programming Utilities, Compilations, Communications, Applications and Shareware

5  Maps, Interactive Travel Guides, Music Applications and Collections, Art 

6  Language Learning Courses, Educational Software, Encyclopedias, Reference Archives

7  Lifestyle, Special Interest, Business, Technique, Science, Universe, Religion, Health, Sport 

8  Games, Fairy Tales 

9  Video CDs, Audio CDs, Hardware, Cables, Miscellaneous 

Description of software titles from our supplier Computer 2000 (Part of Tech Data Group):
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Software From Russia in Russian Language (Mixed Categories). To read the Russian pages you need a Cyrillic support installed on your computer.