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Proxima R-WIN 32 V6 - a set of Multilingual support utilities for users working with two or more input locales at the same time - English, German, Russian and other languages, JC - GBP25.49 (exc.VAT)
Includes utilities and fonts:

  • Keyboard Switch - Switches current language, supports convenient hot keys, small floating window with flag image, custom images and sounds assigned to language.

  • Keyboard Editor - Creates user-defined keyboard layouts (for example, with math symbols or rarely used characters) and to extend the list of  Windows input locales.

  • R-WIN Editor - Text editor that can replace Notepad. Supports multiple documents, print preview, toolbar, file history, search/replace, automatically detects encoding of Cyrillic or Western text and converts it to Windows encoding.

  • On-Screen Keyboard Viewer - Draws a keyboard that displays currently selected keyboard layout. It can be used to view symbols and characters that don't have labels on a keyboard.

  • Cyrillic TrueType Fonts - R-WIN 32 Setup program can install additional 18 TrueType (.TTF) fonts, included Litera TrueType font that imitates the typeface of Russian typewriter called "Yatran" and two fonts in Cyrillic KOI-8 encoding.

  • Cyrillic Raster Fonts - Cyrillic raster fonts (.FON) can be installed by R-WIN 32 Setup program to support countries in Regional Options of Control Panel that require Cyrillic fonts. Includes full set of MS Sans Serif, MS Serif, Courier, Small Fonts, System, Terminal fonts for Large Fonts and Small Fonts display settings.

Keyboard USB/PS2 Compaq Black/Silver With Latin/Cyrillic White Letters for USA, Russian and Ukrainian layouts - GBP17.00 (exc.VAT)

Sticky Labels with Russian Letters for Computer Keyboards -  transparent with white, yellow, red, blue, or green  colour of letters, non-transparent with black Latin and red Cyrillic letters - GBP4.25 (exc.VAT).

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