Real Russia
The Heart Of Ural
Documentary Film

We bring to your attention the documentary TV film Real Russia made by the Russian producer "Three A". Well-known Russian journalists Andrey Baturin and Anton Vernitsky have taken part in the film creation, the actress from London Ksenia Zaitseva has debuted in the film as a presenter.

It is a pilot film from the future series in English about various regions of Russia. The main aim which the authors have haunted was to change a stereotype which was developed about Russia in the western world.

In this project we deliberately try to avoid the problems and make the films on other subjects: on positive and interesting things in Russia. We shall not show Moscow and Saint Petersburg - much is known about these cities. We shall talk about other Russia: what cities people live in, what factories they work at, what they dream of. We also want to show the provincial colour, beauty of the nature, originality of the various corners of this huge country - not much is known about it. We shall try to show real Russia and we have named so our project.

We would like to hear your opinion concerning our project. We would like to find the interested partners for the cooperation under this project. We are ready to discuss the questions related to the granting of rights for the film show and the cooperation with the joint film production for this series.

The first film is ready. It is called Real Russia: The Heart Of Ural. It tells about the city of Ekaterinburg, about its people, the industry of the city, about the Ural nature.

We plan to produce 8 more films in this series with the budget of US$60,000 each. We invite a partner-investor.

Alexey Lyubimkin
General Director
Three A

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